Santa Monica Pier North

There’s a massive parking lot just north of the Santa Monica pier. If you’re coming from the North, heading South on PCH, it’s a breeze to get here. Just take that ramp on your right before your turn East onto the 10.
PCH South into Santa Monica Pier

If you’re on the 10 heading West, you want to try to avoid the situation where you’re stuck on the PCH trying to make a left into one of the beach lots. Weekends are busy.
Left Turn Off PCH into Santa Monica Beach Parking Lots

Santa Monica pier offers these directions if you’re heading West on the 10.
From the north or south on the 405 Freeway, take I-10 West. Drive west on I-10 and exit freeway at 4th/5th Street exit. Go north on 5th St. to Colorado Ave. Make a left on Colorado Ave. and drive straight to the Pier at Ocean Avenue. If the parking lot is full (if the lot on the pier is full you’ll be directed to) make a left turn on Ocean Avenue and proceed two blocks. Make a right turn on Seaside Terrace. Follow sign to Pier/Beach parking.
Either way you want to end up here. Looking West from Appian Way.
Santa Monica Pier Parking Lot

Rates today were General $8. Buses $48. and RV’s $32.
Santa Monica Pier Parking Lot Rates

Let’s get our bearings. Looking North from the pier.
View From Santa Monica Pier Looking North
On the left is the Veterans For Peace memorial installation.

We’re less than a quarter mile North of the bike rental places we looked at in the last post. About a 1/2 mile further north is our final bike rental destination. Another Perrys! Where Arizona would meet the sand, if there wasn’t a cliff.

Perrys at Arizona
Perrys Arizona Rates

North From Washington

The Venice Pier, where Washington Blvd. meets the beach.

The bike and pedestrian paths merge at Washington and it gets a little crazy. Looking North, bikes to the left.
Washington Bike Path

Heading North now.

Coming up on the lot at Venice Blvd. Note the lifeguard station on the left. If you’re going to swim, watch for the signs that separate swimmers from surfers.
Venice Bike Path Almost at Venice Blvd



Washington & Pacific

This is a shot as you enter the lot at the end of Washington. This lot is right next to the Venice Pier and marks the Southern end of the bike path. (The bike path extends further south but only after a jog East on Washington Blvd.)

No in and out privileges
No refunds
When lot is staffed, maximum daily rates apply ($9.00)
Bruffy’s Tow 310-395 0084
No overnight parking 1am – 6 am
Parking ticket must be displayed on dashboard.

Autos only
No trailers
Alcoholic beverages are prohibited
Animals must be on a leash
No camping or sleeping in vehicle at any time
No perimeter back in parking

These shots were taken on Easter weekend, 2012. It was the first crazy
beach day of the year. There were long lines to get into all the city and
county parking lots.

There’s also 2 hour park and pay, street parking right on Washington W. of Pacific
8am – 6pm.


First up, Venice Bike and Skate. They’re located at  21 Washington Boulevard (310) 301-4011

These are some of the lower rates in the area (April, 2012). They also take credit cards.

And Perry’s which is located right on the sand adjacent to the parking lot.

Note you need a Driver’s License or Passport, a Credit or ATM card, but they only take payment in cash.

Open until 6:30 weekdays and 7 Saturday and Sunday (summer hours).

Food and Drink
The Washington & Pacific strip has some of the best food and bars in the area.

Venice Whaler is a party bar and features live music.
10 Washington Boulevard  Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 (310) 821-8737

Casa Ado 12 Washington Blvd. Marina del Rey, CA 90202 tel 310 577 2589

Mercedes Grille 18 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 310.827.6209

Cabo Contina 30 Washington Boulevard Marina Del Rey, CA (310) 306-2500

The Cow’s End for all your coffee needs. Great vibe. Free WiFi.

C&O Trattoria 31 Washington Boulevard  Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 (310) 823-9491 Great Italian. Fun family vibe.

Hinano Cafe 15 Washington Boulevard  Venice, CA 90292 (310) 822-3902 A little wilder. Beer, pool and burgers.

I missed a lot of great restaurants. Plenty of food, drink of all sorts day and night.