Hollister to Bicknell

West of Ocean Ave on Hollister is a Pay by Space lot. It’s separated by a fence from the rest of the larger lot and uses a machine to create a receipt to display in your dash.Hollister  adn Ocean Ave. Parking

1. Park your vehicle. 2. Note your space number. 3. Pay at machine.Pay Machine

Yet another Perry’s is nearby to server your food and bicycle needs!
2600 Ocean Front Walk.
Perrys Holister 2400 Ocean Front Walk

Perrys Hollister Bikes

Here’s the bike path, next to Perrys, with the Santa Monica Pier in the background.Bike Path Pier

There are a dozen volleyball nets available.

We’re about a half mile North of Hollister now at Bicknell. That’s the Casa del Mar hotel in the background.Bicknell Restroom

There’s often an attendant at the Bicknell lot. When there isn’t you pay at the machine. I believe it’s $5. Tip – exiting the Bicknell lot on a busy weekend evening can lead to being stuck in a long line. Turn around and exit at Hollister.
Parking Station Bicknell