Santa Monica Pier

We’re in the area of the Santa Monica Pier. This smaller lot at 1670 Appian Way is at Pacific Terrace. There’s another smaller lot off of Appian Way at Seaview Terrace. These are both Pay by Space lots. Price at this time was $8.
Appian Way And Pacific Terrace

That’s very Santa Monica, to actually have a number to call if you have a problem.
(310) 345-6718. Pay by cell phone has recently been added.Pay By Space Parking Machine

pay by phone parking santa monica pier

Here’s where we’re at. The green space adjacent the sand is a favorite place for gymnasts to meet on the weekends. Lots of monkey bars to work out on. The ring swing.
Gymnastics Monkey Bars

Let’s get bikes! First up is Spokes ‘n Stuff. Located right next to the monkey bars. It’s that little storefront at the end of the ring swing. That’s Lowes hotel in the background.
Spokes N Stuff

In case you can’t read that, a crusier goes for $7.50 an hour or $22. a day.
Spokes N Stuff Rates

A little father north right next to the stairs to the pier is Sea Mist Skate and Bike rentals. 1619 Ocean Front Walk.
Sea Mist Bike Rental

Sea Mist Bike Rentals

Bikes or Blades $7 an hour or $17 all day. Are those the best rates we’ve seen so far? I am looking for best prices on the bike path.Sea Mist Rates

As long as we’re here let’s take a look around (though I’ll leave the pier for another time).
Here’s a view of the pier from the bike path.
Santa Monica Pier from the bike path

Rings, ropes, monkey bars.
Rings Ropes and Monkey Bars Santa Monica Pier

The gymnastics green.
Gymnastics Green at Santa Monica Pier

Volleyball at Santa Monica Pier

Kids PlaygroundKids Playground at Santa Monica Pier

The chess park.Chess Park Santa Monica Pier

A bite to eat? (There’s lots of food around here and on the pier. These are a couple notable for their uniqueness.) Hot Dog Stick
Hot Dog Stick at Santa Monica Pier

Big Dean’s ‘Muscle In’ Cafe.
Big Dean's Muscle In Cafe

Not a bad price for a beer!
Big Deans Menu